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The East is Preserving Western Civilisation

"Voices of Spring"

The Jakarta Concert Orchestra with Avip Priatna conducting and Isyana Sarasvati, soprano, performing Johann Strauß II, “Frühlingsstimmen” (“Voices of Spring”).

Here are the lyrics (in German and English).

Writes Rick Rozoff:

Exquisite ear, eye and artistic candy. Enchanting, for-real performance art. While the West accelerates the murder of its civilization, the East is preserving it.

Pandemic Treaty Will Usher in Unelected One World Government

It's a two-pronged attack, says Joseph Mercola

Full text here.

Attack No 1 is “International Health Regulation Amendments”.

Under the new amendments, however, the WHO would be able to declare a PHEIC [Public Health Emergency of International Concern] in a member state over the objection of that state, and failure to adhere to the WHO’s dictates in such a situation could have severe economic consequences.

Attack No 2 is the “WHO Pandemic Treaty”.

Right now, it looks like the WHO Pandemic Treaty may also be ratified at the World Health Assembly in May 2024, if it gets the two-thirds majority it needs to pass.8,9 The WHO is seeking permanent and unilateral power to make pandemic decisions for the world, and the proposed treaty is the vehicle that would allow this.

It will grant the WHO the sole power to make decisions relating to global biosecurity, including but not limited to the implementation of a global vaccine passport/digital identity, mandatory vaccinations, travel restrictions and standardized medical care. Importantly, the treaty will supersede the laws of member states, including the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The WHO Is Corrupt and Inept

Even if centralizing biosecurity were a good idea, which it’s not, the WHO would not be at the top of the list of organizations to be charged with this task, seeing how its “curriculum vitae” is a long list of failures and scandalous conflicts of interest.

For example, the WHO didn’t publicly admit SARS-CoV-2 was airborne until the end of December 2021, yet scientists knew the virus was airborne within weeks of the pandemic being declared. The WHO also ignored early advice about airborne transmission.

The fact that the WHO has installed Dr. Jeremy Farrar, former head of the Wellcome Trust, as its chief scientist is yet another sign that the WHO’s health recommendations will be far from trustworthy. As previously reported, Farrar was one of the key figures in the coordinated cover-up of the origin of SARS-CoV-2, along with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Overall, the WHO is woefully unqualified to make health decisions for the whole world. But with this treaty in place, member nations will be subject to the WHO’s dictates even if citizens have rejected such plans using local democratic processes. In short, every country that signs onto the WHO’s pandemic treaty will voluntarily give up its sovereignty and the bodily autonomy of all its citizens to one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet.


The Pandemic Treaty Is Based on a Flawed Premise

Aside from the fact that this treaty will eradicate the national sovereignty of member states, a core problem is that it simply cannot work. The whole premise behind this pandemic treaty is that “shared threat requires shared response,” but a given threat is almost never equally shared across regions.

Take COVID-19 for example. Not only is the risk of COVID not the same for people in New York City and the outback of Australia, it’s not even the same for all the people in those areas, as COVID is highly dependent on age and underlying health conditions.The WHO intends to eliminate individualized medicine and provide blanket rulings for how a given threat is to be addressed, and this can only result in needless suffering and loss of individual freedom.

The WHO insists that the remedy is the same for everyone everywhere, yet the risks vary widely from nation to nation, region to region, person to person. They intend to eliminate individualized medicine and provide blanket rulings for how a given threat is to be addressed, and this can only result in needless suffering — not to mention the loss of individual freedom.


The Gateway to Global Totalitarianism

It’s important to realize that the WHO’s pandemic treaty will radically alter the global power structure and strip you of some of your most basic rights and freedoms. It’s a direct attack on the sovereignty of its member states, as well as a direct attack on your bodily autonomy.

The treaty is basically the gateway to a global, top-down totalitarian regime where human rights as we understand them will no longer exist. Biosecurity will be the justification for an international vaccine passport, which the G20 just signed on to, and that passport will also be your digital identification.

That digital ID, in turn, will be tied to your social credit score, personal carbon footprint tracker, medical records, educational records, work records, social media presence, purchase records, your bank accounts and a programmable central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Once all these pieces are fully connected, you’ll be in a digital prison, and the ruling cabal — whether officially a one world government by then or not — will have total control over your life from cradle to grave.

The WHO’s pandemic treaty is what sets off this chain of events, as it will have the power to implement vaccine passports globally once the treaty is signed. The WHO will also have the power to mandate vaccines, standardize medical care and issue travel restrictions.

Google Searches for “Maternity Clothes” down 12-15% in the United States

Are people becoming infertile or are maternity clothes going out of style?

From Igor Chudov’s newsletter.

Google has a “trends” page that allows anyone to see long-term trends for a particular search term.

Since timely statistics on recent births or pregnancies are not easily available in the USA, I decided to see the long-term five-year trend for the search term “maternity clothes” (archive link). As you would imagine, maternity clothes would be sought by a pregnant woman or by someone wanting to buy them for a pregnant woman in their life. So this search is associated with pregnancies.

Continue reading here.

Environmentalist Enemies of Human Civilization

Thomas DiLorenzo writes:

In the late 1980s the late Professor Murray Weidenbaum, who was the chairman of President Reagan’s council of economic advisors, invited me to spend a year at his Center for the Study of American Business at Washington University in St. Louis, which I did.  I had no teaching duties and published quite a lot that year, and continued my association with the Center for years afterwards.  Because of that association, and because the Center had published several articles of mine on environmental policy, I was invited to a big conference at the Sundance Institute in Sundance, Utah in January during the early ’90s that was attended by all the big D.C. environmental organizations on one hand, and by a collection of big corporation executives and academics on the other.  On the opening night the Sierra Club/Wilderness Society/etc. crowd presented a video that they said explained their philosophy and their way of thinking of environmental issues.  It was very well done because it was probably produced by Robert Redford’s production people.  It was his Institute, after all, and his pictures were all over the walls.

The most memorable part of the video was a scene of a pathetic looking young boy from the country of India walking barefoot and wearing rags, walking along a dirt road.  Huge dump trucks were blazing by, kicking up dust and stones and spewing pollution.  A deep, ominous voice announces (paraphrasing):  “If you think a billion impoverished Indians is bad, then a billion affluent Indians would be a disaster!”

Human beings are the enemy, in other words, especially “affluent” human beings.  The message of the video was that the solution to this “problem” is twofold:  First, eliminate as many human beings as possible; and second, destroy economic growth and prosperity and return us all to the good ole stone age standard of living.

This has been the primary agenda of the eugenisist American Left for at least the past century, and they have elected as president a senile old pervert and criminal to throw their Hail Mary pass for them.

“BBC accidentally admits COVID Vaccine is to blame for 2022 being Worst Year for Excess Deaths in Half a Century”

"After 'Journalists' choose to lie believing nobody would 'mark their Homework'"

Writes the Exposé:

It was all going so well for the BBC and its reporters until they decided to unequivocally state that in no way shape or form is the Covid-19 vaccine responsible for a record-breaking year of death. They even provided a “source” to prove it and claimed that –

‘Figures up to June 2022 looking at deaths from all causes show unvaccinated people were more likely to die than vaccinated people.’

They then went on to state that –

”If vaccines were driving excess deaths we would expect this to be the other way around.”If vaccines were driving excess deaths we would expect this to be the other way around.

The problem for BBC News and its dishonest reporters is that The Expose has been analysing the source in question, which has been provided by a UK Government institution known as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for months on end.

And we can reveal that mortality rates per 100,000 in every single age group, even children, in England and Wales were lowest among the unvaccinated in some age groups as early as 2021, and lowest among the unvaccinated in all age groups by May 2022 at the latest.

Therefore, BBC News has not only lied to the public, but they have also admitted in black and white that the Covid-19 injections are to blame for 2022 being the worst year for deaths in half a century by confirming that “if vaccines were driving excess deaths we would expect this to be the other way around (highest mortality rates among the vaccinated)”.

More on this, and the actual data, can be found here.

Evidence of evil among us

The UK's ex-health secretary's publicised WhattApp chats on the lockdowns

Writes Brendan O’Neill:

They were laughing at us. They didn’t only lock us down. They didn’t only suspend virtually every one of our civil liberties, including a right none of us ever expected to lose: the right to leave our own homes. They didn’t only spy on us with drones, and encourage us to snitch on that neighbour going for a sneaky second jog, and fine teenagers life-ruining sums of money for holding house parties. They also chuckled about it. It was funny to them. In one of the most startling WhatsApp chats revealed in the Daily Telegraph’s Lockdown Files, a senior civil servant says the following about Brits returning from trips abroad who were forced to quarantine in a stuffy hotel room for 10 days: ‘Hilarious.’


We now know that sections of the political elite relished the power lockdown gave them. At points they seemed almost drunk on tyranny.


A few months later, Hancock was increasingly irate about the Sweden issue, the possibility that this nation that didn’t enforce a sweeping lockdown might be doing quite well. I am sick of the ‘fucking Sweden argument’, he said. ‘Supply three or four bullet [points] of why Sweden is wrong’, he demanded of his aides.

That is extraordinary, no? […] Hancock notably did not ask whether Sweden was wrong but why it was wrong. He wasn’t interested in openly discussing pandemic policy, but rather in insulating his own lockdown ideology from contrasting or contradictory ideas and data. 


Hancock was resisting advice from chief medical officer Chris Whitty to test everyone entering care homes. According to the leaked texts, Hancock was seemingly concerned that such an endeavour would ‘muddy the waters’ of lockdown messaging. The leaked WhatsApps have led many to conclude that Hancock was especially worried that care-home testing would distract attention from his big, virtuous, legacy-defining effort to ensure that there would be 100,000 Covid tests a day in the broader community. A reminder: 45,000 care-home residents in England and Wales perished from Covid.


Nothing speaks better to the warped moralism of the Covid era than the fact that sceptics like Heneghan who argued for the elderly and frail to be protected have been demonised as dangerous ‘Covid deniers’, while government officials whose policies had a direct and catastrophic impact on the health of the elderly and frail were, for a period of time at least, treated as unimpeachable voices of moral authority. We need a complete reversal of the Covid narrative. If I see one more angry article in the supposedly liberal media railing against Heneghan or Gupta or any of the others who said ‘Let’s plough our resources into protecting the vulnerable’, now that we know our lockdown elites failed to protect the vulnerable, I will lose it.


Ms Oakeshott is a backstabber and a money-grubber for revealing these WhatsApp messages, some are saying. Oh stop it. Nothing could be more in the public interest than knowing the thinking behind an ideology and a policy that wrecked civil liberty, suspended democracy, sickened the elderly, hurt the working classes, quarantined the developing world, and led to a suspension of that most key of civilised endeavours: the education of children. A pandemic hit, and the political elite, and the media elite, opted for social tyranny, censorship, non-debate, classism and fearmongering over taking a more rational, liberal, focused approach to the risk of disease. We need to know all about this, so that we might guard against it in the future.

On the Covid lab leak story

It's a rear-guard action by our minders, says Catte Black

The “covid was a lab leak” story was always a back door official narrative that reinforced the reality of the “pandemic” while appearing to be a suppressed “alternative”. You know, one of those “suppressed alternatives” that end up in the WSJ. It’s now going to be used to finally bury any hope that 2020-21 will wake us up to the full modern reality of geopolitics.

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Zero Carbon Agenda Deconstructed

It's leading us to absolute slavery, says the "Ice Age Farmer"

A vlogger by the name of Christian, who posts under the title “Ice Age Farmer” has posted a 54-minute video (about one year ago) about what zero carbon will really mean for the economy and society. It’s not pretty.

Here’s the video description:

What is a zero-carbon future? What does it look like? To imagine, turn off your heater. No airports. No shipping. No animals. Perfect surveillance state. In this Ice Age Farmer special report, Christian breaks The “Absolute Zero” plan and how governments are actively taking drastic steps every day to meet these dystopian goals for Travel, Transport, Energy, Manufacturing, Recycling, and Food. We must understand the reality underneath their flowery philanthropic language: Absolute Slavery.