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HM the Queen Elizabeth II RIP

Some reactions to the death of Elizabeth II which somehow got overlooked by mainstream media

Nigel Farage pays tribute to the Queen following her passing at the age of 96

Idiots react to the Queen’s death, by Paul Joseph Watson (NB: Some bad language)

Jordan Peterson Comments on the Queen’s Passing

A countercultural queen: Frank Furedi and Brendan O’Neill discuss the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the war on history.

Queen Elizabeth and the End of History, The woke elites’ war on the past is a menace to freedom and democracy. Article by Brendan O’Neill.

Slightly different subject, but still:

Nigel Farage reacts to King Charles III addressing the nation for the first time as monarch

How to make the world a better place

Another great talk with Jordan Peterson

A talk with Bjørn Lomborg and Ralph Schoellhammer

Leftist politicians and the “intellectual elite” prioritize a vague plan for saving earth over the lives of struggling people all over the world. Governments are being forced to press their citizens, straining already fragile economic and agricultural systems, in order to appease a globalist utopian vision. Bjørn Lomborg and Ralph Schoellhammer sit down with Dr Jordan B Peterson to discuss the faults in this plan, and the people who are suffering because of it.

Bjørn Lomborg is a Danish author, having written numerous books on climate change such as “False Alarm,” “The Skeptical Environmentalist,” and “How to Spend $75 Billion to Make the World a Better Place.” He is the president of the think tank Copenhagen Consensus Center that focuses on doing the most good, for the most people, with increasingly limited budgets. Previously, Lomborg was the director of the Danish government’s Environmental Assessment Institute.

Ralph Schoellhammer is a scholar and journalist operating in Europe who has diligently covered overlooked stories such as the Dutch Farmers Protest. He is also an assistant Professor of international relations at Webster Vienna Private University, and produces a podcast following political psychology and institutionalism called the Global Wire.


We are entering an age of plenty, say authors Marian Tupy and Gale Pooley

The video of the discussion between Dr. Jordan Peterson and the authors of the book with this title is here.

Marian Tupy and Gale Pooley are co-authors of the new book, “Super Abundance”. They sit down with Dr Jordan B Peterson to discuss their studies into overpopulation, the myths surrounding the subject, and how academia has created a new philosophy that demonizes modern man simply for existing.

Marian Tupy is the co-author of “Super Abundance”, as well as “10 Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know” and “The Simon Abundance Index”. He is the current editor of, and is a senior fellow at the center for global liberty and prosperity.

Gale Pooley is the co-author of “Super Abundance,” and is also an Associate Professor of business management at Brigham Young University in Hawaii. He has taught economics all over the world, and earned his PHD from the University of Idaho. He is also well known for his role in the development of the Simon Abundance Index.

Back Off, Oh Masters of the Universe

Big corporations like Deloitte are leading us down the path to totalitarianism, says Jordan Peterson

Deloitte have produced a study about climate models and say that urgent action is needed. Psychologist and polymath Jordan Peterson has an appropriate answer.

A written version is here:

https://www.telegraph. [close the gap between “telegraph.” and “”]


And what will it take to do so? Here’s the most alarming part: nothing more than “a coordinated transition” that “will require governments, along with the financial services and technology sectors to catalyze, facilitate and accelerate progress; foster information flows across systems; and align individual incentives with collective goals.”

A clearer statement of totalitarian inclination could hardly be penned. 

The one thing the Deloitte models guarantee is that if we do what they recommend we will definitely be poorer than we would have been otherwise for an indefinite but hypothetically transitory period.

Yet any reduction in economic output (however “temporary” and “necessary”) will be purchased at the cost of the lives of those who are barely making it now. Period.

Jordan Peterson’s message to CEOs

Ditch the evil, satanic "woke" stuff, the DIE and the ESG

He rains down fire, brimstone and pro-free market slaps in the face. He quotes Jesus to them: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked” (but then mistakenly seems to say that this is from the Sermon on the Mount – it’s not, it’s from Luke 12:48, but that’s just a minor quibble).

Here it is, the full 25 minutes in all their glory.

Live Not By Lies

Jordan Peterson speaks with Rod Dreher

It never ceases to amaze me that almost every time Jordan Peterson goes on air, or rather on Youtube or similar outlets, he says something that is new, profound and evocative. And not just one “something”, but loads.

In this one (1 h 20 min), he uses the occasion of discussing Rod Dreher’s new book, “Live Not By Lies” to suggest that churches should make a special effort to attract young men? How? By inviting them to the adventure of taking up their cross and following Jesus by doing the best they can do with their God-given lives.

In the time of oppressive wokeness, where being male is tantamount to being the great spoiler of the world, this would be a truly bold move.

Then, JP says that in the face of the woke tyranny, not just all the Christians, but all the Abrahamic religions should band together to fight the common enemy.

Dreher’s title “Live Not By Lies” is derived from an essay written by Soviet dissident Alexandr Solzhenitsyn just before he was kicked out of his country. In it, he advised followers that the least they should do is to not participate in the lies that daily life in the Soviet Union foisted on people.

However, the Enemy may have learnt from that experience. When Black Lives Matter burst onto the scene, mobs pressured people to join in their chants and raised fists, shouting: “Silence is violence.”

So, it may have become more difficult even than in the Soviet Union to “live not by lies”. And if not yet, it may very well happen soon.

Jordan Peterson and the Puffer Fish

The famous psychiatrist speaks about consciousness and sexual selection

Check out his answer at a Q&A at Cambridge University (prompted, about 10 minutes long). He is answering a question about the notion of humans as simple biological machines. He describes how biologists concentrate on the natural selection of Darwin’s theory of evolution. However, they ignore that Darwin also talked about sexual selection. And that, says JP, presupposes consciousness. That means that consciousness must have been there before humans became what they are. As an example of an animal that appears to have consciousness, JP describes the work of the puffer fish male. And of a spider.

Continue watching after he finishes to hear one of the organisers wrap up the event, and explaining how happy he is that, despite being “cancelled” by the University three years ago – because he was photographed shaking hands (after another event) with some guy who was wearing a t-shirt with some text on some on it someone found offensive.

Here’s the puffer fish he talks about in action, creating an unbelievable structure on the seabed to impress a mate.