Review of Stephen Hawking’s “Brief Answers to the Big Questions”


Shortly before he died in 2018, esteemed scientist Stephen Hawking had finished writing a book, which was published just after his death. Its title: “Brief Answers to the Big Questions”. It is basically an attempt by an atheistic, materialistic scientist to make sense of a world (as he sees it) without God. Having read the book, I concluded that there are some large holes in his reasoning and so I resolved to write a review. It turned out to be fairly long, so I have divided it into six parts: 

  1. What happened to scientific determinism?
  2. In the beginning, Chance – or God?
  3. Human beings are parasites – or the image of God?
  4. Despite all that, let’s save the world – ok, but why?
  5. Let’s colonise space – for what reason?
  6. Prevent AI from outsmarting us – but will it?

I wrote about each of these parts in separate entries. The page numbers mentioned are from the John Murray paperback edition from 2020. As far as I know, the text on each page is identical to that in the original hardback edition of 2018.