If our enemy wants to destroy our neighbour

To which one of those two do we then show more love?

I occasionally follow the blog of the “Bionic Mosquito” (BM).

Here’s an interesting question I found there recently:

The following comment was made in response to a post on Christian pacifism, Anabaptists, etc.

>>Charles Martel and John III Sobieski would be hearing “blah, blah, blah,” and even the most pacifist Christians, deep down inside, would have said at the two respective times, “thank God for Charles” … “thank God for John.”

We are called to love our neighbor and love our enemy.  But what if our enemy wants to destroy our neighbor?  To which one do we then show love?  Look into your child’s eyes while answering the question.<<

This does not mean viewing every new stranger in our midst as an enemy. BM’s important question however reminds us that we do not live in paradise. And that, even if we did, there’d probably be a serpent around somewhere. So, we need to be on our guard for the enemy.