Two men who found faith in the pandemic

They saw the evil in the response, and thus turned to God

Two recent podcasts show that we are living in a time of revelation. In these two (unrelated) podcasts, we meet two men of relatively high standing, highly educated and intelligent. One is a journalist called James Delingpole, the other a professor of propaganda studies and media studies at New York University, called Mark Crispin Miller.

In a podcast with Church of England curate (the “Irreverend“) Jamie Franklin, James Delingpole confesses that, during the pandemic, Jamie led James to God. (Listen here, start at 30 minutes in.)

In a podcast with the American historian Tom Woods, professor Miller also confesses that he has come to faith, and specifically says that this was due to what he saw as the evil behind much of the measures against an objectively not very dangerous virus. At about 40 percent in (I can’t see the exact times, sorry), Miller says (my transcription): “This dystopian experience has really moved me spiritually, and I’m not the only person who once identified as leftist who feels this way now. I believe we’re all experiencing . . . we’re all but coming face to face with evil. I think this is a profoundly evil project. I think this is a eugenicist project. I think its authors are after absolute and permanent control and a radically reduced world population.”