Mass Formation Psychosis

The inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology on the state of the world

One of the most trustworthy people in the whole pandemic must be Robert W. Malone MD. He is no-one less than the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology.

However, he has fallen out of favour with the powers that be, because he has, as Monica Showalter puts it in a recent article on “American Thinker”,

pointed out that many of the more insane and counterproductive public health measures going around have been brought on by conflicts of interest and a revolving door between medical researchers, Big Pharma, and public health officials. Profit motives are quite operative.

For that sin, he has now been banned on Twitter, and searches for him on Google are biased against him.

On his own website, Malone prominently states:

As the original “inventor” of mRNA and DNA vaccines … I am concerned about how the technology is being developed and implemented.

And now, someone has compiled a very effective video of a talk he recently gave on where Malone thinks the world is heading. In short, the world is in what he calls a “mass formation psychosis”. It’s a bit frightening, but, as he points out, not all is lost.