The Only Safe Sex

"The combination of Eros and Agape that is the recipe for true love"

On the site, Ira Katz posted an essay yesterday that he says he wrote more than 20 years ago and never published before. “It describes another controversy about safety sex, like we are experiencing today with Covid . . . I have edited it somewhat, but there are no hyperlinks and some of the information could be dated.”

Two quotes:

“If one has sex through this true love it is really safe.  The other would never put you at risk by being diseased.  In fact you would know him so well to be sure he was disease free.  You would not feel the slightest risk of abandonment because you were really sharing one life, not passing fluids between two passing lives.  This love is usually anointed by society through the institution of marriage.”

“Of course we cannot expect to find the perfect love very often.  Yet I think it is better to try and achieve some aspect of Eros and Agape than to simply submit to our animal instincts.  Contraceptives, in a profound way, have broken our society by allowing us to act on our instincts without feeling the immediate effects of our actions.  Furthermore, they have added to a culture which rates sex as the highest order of life, greatly demeaning life.  For these reasons I believe contraceptives can never provide safe sex.”

The full article is here.