Why global warming is good for us

Climate change is creating a greener, safer planet.

Matt Ridley has written a long piece with the above title for spiked-online.com. Here’s a crucial excerpt:

In January 2020, the UK’s chief scientific adviser organised for some slides to be shown to Boris Johnson to convert him to climate alarmism. Thanks to a freedom of information request, we now know that these slides showed the likely acceleration in sea-level rise under a scenario known as RCP 8.5. This is shocking because RCP 8.5 has long been discredited as a highly implausible future. It was created by piling unrealistic assumptions on to each other in models: coal use increasing tenfold by 2100, population growth accelerating to 12 billion people, innovation drying up and an implausibly high sensitivity of temperature to carbon dioxide. No serious scientist thinks RCP 8.5 represents a likely outcome from ‘business as usual’. Yet those who want to grab media attention by making alarming predictions use it all the time.

This confirms what Darrell Bricker says in his presentation on population growth. We now know it is unlikely to go far beyond 9 billion, will reach its peak around the middle of the century and is likely to be lower than today by 2100. At some point Bricker says that he and his co-author checked a large number of climate studies, and only one even mentioned the possibility of a smaller sized world population. And none took this into consideration when producing their climate models.