Vaccine Skeptics are the True Critical Thinkers

A former student of a "nudge" theorist speaks out

Article by Igor Chudov.


The Asch Experiment, conducted by Solomon Asch, found out that most people, when seeing a “consensus” of participants agreeing on something that is fairly obviously false, actually ends up agreeing with those false opinions just because everyone else seems to think so.

The experiment was originally set up with eight persons, only one of whom was an experimental subject, and the rest were actors. These stooges, who the subject thought were other subjects, were all asked the same question, to which they gave an obviously wrong answer. The subject, who did not know he was the only real subject, was to speak up last.

It turned out that subjects of this experiment (it was repeated multiple times), seeing a consensus of seven smartly dressed men, would end up giving the same (obviously incorrect) answer as the stooges. This conformance experiment literally was a clever way to make people hold and express obviously false opinions.

This experiment was repeated many times, and in the most skillfully conducted experiments, they got 62.5% of subjects to agree with obvious nonsense at least once.

Oddly enough, vaccination rate in the US on Sep 1, right before federal vaccine mandates started, was 62.3%. Vaccination was running out of steam, just as Delta was showing that vaccines were not really “effective”.


Regarding mRNA “Covid vaccines”: anyone who would think for a minute, would realize that there was not a way to know for sure that vaccines were safe and effective, simply because not enough time has passed. Similarly, anyone could see that the masterminds behind the lockdowns and vaccinations, the billionaires behind the scenes, and the corrupt governments, all ensured that any dissent would be silenced. Thus, the purported consensus did not, in fact, exist at all.