Covid Mess

An open letter to a GP and devastating accounts from vaccine widows

James Rogers is a pseudonym of someone who, according to the TCW website, is a “well-travelled, polymathic dilettante who voted for Johnson but feels we’ve ended up with Blair on steroids”.

Rogers has written an open letter to his GP, published on 18th May 2022. He writes:

You may recall saying to me, ‘These drug companies would not run the risk of being sued for supplying dodgy drug products.’ I replied that the drug companies had been given immunity from civil action and criminal prosecution. You seemed not to know this. In this regard, I am writing to describe what has happened in the interim.

[. . .]

It is important to note that as C-19 jabs were authorised in an emergency situation, the ‘trial’ is still in progress, and the effects the jabs have on people must be fully recorded. So, this matter has two spheres to consider: firstly, the trials that were run in 2020 that persuaded the FDA (and our own MHRA, CHM and JCVI) to approve the jabs; and secondly, the trials run in 2021 – and ongoing – that are necessary to allow those drug authorisations to remain valid.

After some 150,000 pages of Pfizer’s documents, some very fishy and worrying facts have emerged – here is one assessment. It turns out that ‘these drug companies’ did indeed ‘run the risk of supplying dodgy drug products’. 

What happens now? Doubtless, the likes of Dame June Raine, Sir Chris Whitty, Sir Patrick Vallance, Sir Jonathan Van-Tam, Wei Shen Lim and many others anxiously scan the internet for news of what the FDA papers reveal. I mean ‘the internet’ specifically, because none of this is being reported on television or in newspapers.

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The same “non-reporting” by the legacy media can be observed in the many cases of vaccine-induced deaths and severe injuries AND the fact that, in the case of deaths, NONE of the bereaved family members have yet received any of the promised compensation. And when a marginalised outlet such as GB News does report this, some of the viewers heap the bereaved with scorn and ridicule. What a sick world we live in.

I wonder what the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin “taking the vaccine is a moral issue” Welby has to say about this development, if he’s even aware of if, which I doubt.