Live Not By Lies

Jordan Peterson speaks with Rod Dreher

It never ceases to amaze me that almost every time Jordan Peterson goes on air, or rather on Youtube or similar outlets, he says something that is new, profound and evocative. And not just one “something”, but loads.

In this one (1 h 20 min), he uses the occasion of discussing Rod Dreher’s new book, “Live Not By Lies” to suggest that churches should make a special effort to attract young men? How? By inviting them to the adventure of taking up their cross and following Jesus by doing the best they can do with their God-given lives.

In the time of oppressive wokeness, where being male is tantamount to being the great spoiler of the world, this would be a truly bold move.

Then, JP says that in the face of the woke tyranny, not just all the Christians, but all the Abrahamic religions should band together to fight the common enemy.

Dreher’s title “Live Not By Lies” is derived from an essay written by Soviet dissident Alexandr Solzhenitsyn just before he was kicked out of his country. In it, he advised followers that the least they should do is to not participate in the lies that daily life in the Soviet Union foisted on people.

However, the Enemy may have learnt from that experience. When Black Lives Matter burst onto the scene, mobs pressured people to join in their chants and raised fists, shouting: “Silence is violence.”

So, it may have become more difficult even than in the Soviet Union to “live not by lies”. And if not yet, it may very well happen soon.