These farmers are fighting for us all

We are witnessing a global revolt against the irrationalism of the elites.

Article by Brendan O’Neill.


It is truly bizarre that pressure is being put on farmers to cut back on emissions, which really means to produce less food. This captures just how entrenched, and unhinged, the cult of green thinking has become among the new elites. So much so that they now prefer to larp as saviours of the planet from a fantasy doom than they do to think carefully about how to generate enough food and wealth to ensure that everyone can flourish. This is where it becomes clear that the otherworldliness of our rulers is not only annoying and often free of fact and reason – it is dangerous, too. An elite that spends more time fantasising about an environmental Judgement Day than it does thinking about how to meet the needs of the population, which sees sunny weather as a sign from Gaia that we must sacrifice things like farming and food production to appease the angry gods of climate change, is an elite that has lost the moral plot. It is an elite that can no longer be trusted.

It isn’t only farmers who are rising up. And it isn’t only the Net Zero derangement that is concerning people. Dutch fishermen and truckers have joined Dutch farmers in solidarity. People in Ghana are protesting against shrinking fuel supplies and power cuts. Cab drivers in Italy are taking to the streets over fuel prices. Farmers and other workers in Poland, Spain and Albania are protesting, too. People are fuming over the cost-of-living crisis, the economic impact of lockdown and the glaring inability of the elites to provide for all. Worse, the glaring inability of the elites even to acknowledge that providing for all should be the priority of society, and that it should matter far more than their own self-indulgent fearful fantasies.

This is why the global farmers’ revolt and the rising up of working people really matters. These rebels are not only demanding that their right to work and to live comfortably should be respected. They are also brilliantly confronting the delusions of the elites, who have got so lost in narratives of fear around climate change, lockdown and everything else that they can no longer see what is real and what is important. The shattering of the elite’s luxury apocalypticism should be seen as one of the key tasks of the 2020s.