Who is responsible for the eco-terrorists on our roads?

Ultimately, our managerial class and its totalitarian drive

The self-righteous people blocking roads in this and other countries currently think they need to do this to save the world. They don’t mind endangering lives and damaging property. They’ve made that abundantly clear. For what purpose they want to save the world they don’t seem to know, at least they don’t say. The reason for that is clear: The currently dominant belief-system in the West assumes that there is no purpose in the universe. To formulate an ultimate purpose would run counter to that narrative. Thinking about that would expose the emptiness of their outlook. So they instinctively avoid doing so. Instead, all they say is that they want a future. Don’t we all? So why are they behaving like maniacs?

Apart from their above mentioned belief-system, which inevitably leads to depression, here are some reasons they have lost all reason:

  1. In 2018, the BBC told staff they no longer need to invite climate-change “deniers” on to its programmes, suggesting that allowing them to speak was like letting someone deny last week’s football scores. This callous disregard for science and the scientific, always enquiring and, yes, sceptical method has entrapped young people in the delusion that what they are hearing over the airwaves (and many other media) is scientific “truth”. (We saw the same procedure, BTW, “on stilts”, during the Covid pandemic.)
  2. The managerial class in governments around the world and education have no interest in nurturing critical thinking. They are comfortable with a populous that is quivering with hysterical fear. Such a populous will do as it’s told and not disturb their work. Work that is striving for totalitarian rule. This is the fundamental drive behind Tony Blair’s famous mantra on education. What he really meant was: “Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda.”
  3. The churches do not seem to realise that the whole eco-ideology (which in its core is anti-human) is a counter-religion to Christianity. Indeed, many churches appear to be co-opted by this counter-religion. So here, too, a counter-narrative that could give hope is blocked off.
  4. Thus, these deluded people sticking themselves to the tarmac, gantries, works of art and whatnot have no reference-point in reality. All possible outlets for sensible counter-narratives to unfounded doomsday-scenarios have been effectively blocked off. They are totally lost. Unless reason and proper scientific discourse is allowed back into the public sphere, this is only going to get worse.