You Know Better Than I

Song from the animation film "Joseph the Dreamer"


Some quotes from comments underneath:

The song is performed when Joseph is at his lowest point, almost giving up on his faith. He decides to trust fully in God and acknowledge that he is the master of the universe who has an ultimate plan, even if things seem bad at present and he doesn’t fully understand why.

I love how Joseph went from singing about how amazing and miraculous he is to being humble and singing about how God knows better than him

This song lives rent free in my heart and head. It helped me get through my darkest moments in my life and today listening to it 16th June 2022, at exactly 8:20am in still in tears God bless every one whose story is like Joseph. in everything God knows best

Rewatching this I realize that Joseph took time to shape out each and every rock he put around the tree. It’s so symbolic, wow.

“But it was you who taught that bird to fly. If I let you reach me, will you teach me?” This line speaks to me so much…

This song was such a huge testimony builder. Not only to put my trust in the Lord, but to trust in His timing. When we struggle and pray for help, we often expect immediate responses and help, sometimes we have to allow ourselves to go through the trial because God really does know what is best and when the time is right, He WILL always help us! Sometimes we need our trials to help us learn and grow and become better people. He doesn’t let us go through ANYTHING we are not strong enough to get through! Whenever we are going through something that makes us wonder why God allows us to go through it, it’s only because He KNOWS we have what it takes to get through it! If God believes in us, and He really does know better than we do, we should too! If we put our trust in Him, He will help us and turn us into someone better than we were before. I used to pray for God to end my suffering, now I’ve learned to pray and ask for understanding of why I’m suffering and what I can learn from it, how can I grow and become a better person, and the strength I need to get through it. Been learning to live by: “Not mine, but thy will be done, just help me to understand thy will.”