Global Government vs. the People

Excerpts from an interview with Doug Casey:

COVID was promoted to generate widespread fear, panic actually, and that was an excuse for unprecedented controls. People have forgotten that the average age of death of COVID decedents is 80—which is about when people die anyway. They’ve forgotten that the death rate for younger people was trivial, similar to that for recurring annual flus.

There was something unusually wicked going on here—in that most of the world’s governments got together and created a blackout surrounding the simple discussion of COVID and a blackout on the scientific investigation of cures. Worse, it was all done in the name of “the science.” Meanwhile, government bureaucrats and influencers worked to aggressively cancel all forms of discussion and actual scientific investigation regarding any aspects of the disease.

Of course, health is a perfect focus for control because everybody wants to maximize their health. If governments try to impose control for political, economic, or ideological reasons, not everybody will buy into it. But a lot of people will go along if they’re convinced that if they don’t do it, they and their family are going to get sick and die. Health is actually the ideal wedge for control.

You might think of the G20 as the semi-official operating arm of a de facto world government. Its nomenklatura are almost all members of the World Economic Forum, sharing the same philosophies and worldview. In essence, this G20 vaccine passport diktat means you’ll need not just a passport from your own national government but also one from some new bureaucracy that the G20 will set up.

This is all a great leap forward for world government types. For many years various organizations and thought leaders have agitated for a world government, thinking that it would end wars and usher in the brotherhood of humanity. It’s a stupid and perverse notion, though. World government will simply move the problems of national government to a world level. Regrettably—at least for individualists and freedom lovers—there are no longer many places to hide from the kind of people who naturally get into government. They’re applauded by the mobs—err, democracies—as saviors.

Am I letting my imagination run away with me? Maybe. But, as someone who reads a lot of history, I think not. The technology for doing horrible things has compounded by an order of magnitude just in our lifetimes. But the moral tenor of the world seems to have gone backwards. For instance, the fastest-growing and most fanatical religion in the world isn’t Islam; it’s Wokeism. It doesn’t have a single holy book, partly because it’s based on feelings, as distinct from thought. It’s rather inchoate, but I’d describe Wokeism as a mélange of greenism, racism, socialism, envy, feminism, and anti-rationality. The antithesis of Western Civilization. It’s as if a large and growing part of humans have turned feral.

If they successfully implement CBDCs [Central Bank Digital Currencies], it means that any assets you buy or sell, and any income you earn, will go through CBDCs. You will have zero effective privacy. The Authorities will automatically know what you own, and they’ll be in a position to control your assets. Instantly and automatically.

I’ll go so far as to say that Central Bank Digital Currencies and digital “health passports” are the most dangerous threats to the freedom and independence of the average human being in modern history—perhaps in world history. They will control where you can go, what you can do, and what you can own. They’re both very big deals, and they’ll be daily facts of life before 2023 is over. It’s very disturbing that we don’t hear either of them discussed anywhere. They should be taken with the utmost seriousness and stopped.