Why Petroleum Oil is not a “Fossil Fuel”

Another case where we can ask: What else are they lying to us about?

In this 8 minute video, Fletcher Prouty explains the invention and use of the term “fossil fuels”.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that burning oil doesn’t create CO2. It does however mean that the theory that we are “putting back” CO2 into the atmosphere at record pace that was “taken out” of it when the plants and animals died eons ago is simply wrong.

Excerpt from the video description:

There are a couple of so-called “fact-checking” efforts to debunk the Rockefeller-related hypotheses made by Fletcher Prouty, Thomas Gold, Jerome Corsi, a few different Russian and German scientists, and me – among other journalists and commentators. These debunking efforts revolve around the earlier use of the term “fossil fuels” – in a translation from a German language book written by Caspar Neumann in the mid-18th century. Therefore, they argue that the general term “fossil fuels” could not have been coined by John Rockefeller or anyone at Standard Oil, since the book was published before Rockefeller was born.

I’ve seen the book (https://play.google.com/books/reader?…) and how “Fossil Fuel” was actually used in this mid-18th century instance. It was more of a situation of the words “Fossil” and “Fuel” appearing together rather than a term or phrase being consciously created. The use of the two words together only appeared once, in the index of a book, not in the body of the book, and it referred to a fuel being used to smelt iron. The fuel referenced would have been peat, pit coal, or lignite coal (a type of coal made from peat). It did not refer to crude oil (petroleum oil), which was not used as an engine fuel at that time.

The term “Fossil Fuel,” in the context of referring to a fuel that powers a mechanical engine, was not coined by Caspar Neumann in the mid-18th century, it was coined sometime in the late 19th or early 20th century. It may not have been specifically uttered by John Rockefeller in a “Citizen Kane ROSE BUD” style incident, it may have been first used by one of his associates or just some unidentified chronicler at the time.

In the instance of this video, and in all discussions of the use of the term “fossil fuels” referring to petroleum oil, it is incorrect to call petroleum oil a “fossil fuel” for the reasons stated in the Prouty video and the other materials that I reference above. Prouty’s explanation, for example, refers to the hyperbolic use of the term fossil fuel to exaggerate petroleum oil’s limited availability. The oil industry was always the originator of the rumors that the world is running out of oil, and they did so in order to manipulate supply and demand, and oil prices.

In any event, petroleum oil fuels are not naturally created, they are refined from crude oil and contain many different chemicals. To my knowledge, none of these chemicals exist because of the demise of dinosaurs. Petroleum oil (crude oil) in its raw state is of “abiotic” origin.