Environmentalist Enemies of Human Civilization

Thomas DiLorenzo writes:

In the late 1980s the late Professor Murray Weidenbaum, who was the chairman of President Reagan’s council of economic advisors, invited me to spend a year at his Center for the Study of American Business at Washington University in St. Louis, which I did.  I had no teaching duties and published quite a lot that year, and continued my association with the Center for years afterwards.  Because of that association, and because the Center had published several articles of mine on environmental policy, I was invited to a big conference at the Sundance Institute in Sundance, Utah in January during the early ’90s that was attended by all the big D.C. environmental organizations on one hand, and by a collection of big corporation executives and academics on the other.  On the opening night the Sierra Club/Wilderness Society/etc. crowd presented a video that they said explained their philosophy and their way of thinking of environmental issues.  It was very well done because it was probably produced by Robert Redford’s production people.  It was his Institute, after all, and his pictures were all over the walls.

The most memorable part of the video was a scene of a pathetic looking young boy from the country of India walking barefoot and wearing rags, walking along a dirt road.  Huge dump trucks were blazing by, kicking up dust and stones and spewing pollution.  A deep, ominous voice announces (paraphrasing):  “If you think a billion impoverished Indians is bad, then a billion affluent Indians would be a disaster!”

Human beings are the enemy, in other words, especially “affluent” human beings.  The message of the video was that the solution to this “problem” is twofold:  First, eliminate as many human beings as possible; and second, destroy economic growth and prosperity and return us all to the good ole stone age standard of living.

This has been the primary agenda of the eugenisist American Left for at least the past century, and they have elected as president a senile old pervert and criminal to throw their Hail Mary pass for them.