What’s in the Pfizer Documents?

Dr. Naomi Wolf on the horrific findings

Some time ago, a group of scientists, lawyers and activists attempted through FOI to get access to the documentation of the company Pfizer in relation to the development of the vaccine.

At first, the US government blocked this move by granting Pfizer a 75 year (!) reprieve from having to release the papers. The activists went to court and Pfizer had to release the documents.

It took a few thousand dedicated experts and some co-ordination, but now the truth is beginning to come out.

Dr. Naomi Wolf, about whom I have written here before, gives an overview of the horrific side effects Pfizer knew about in their first testing phase and soon after the rollout. The talk itself is about 45 minutes long, followed by about 20 minutes of Q&A.

Wolf’s conclusion is that the vaccines are a bioweapon. The attackers are the Chinese government, and the targets are the US, Canada and Western Europe.

I’m in no position to judge. But Dr. Naomi Wolf is no flake. And, on top of that, this long-time feminist of the left, who is Jewish, says again, here, that her involvement in researching the pandemic, the lockstep countermeasures, the censorship and cancelling of dissent around them, the vaccines etc have led her to believe in God again.