Remember “the hospitals are overwhelmed”?

They are, now. Because of the lockdowns.

Writes Tom Woods in his latest newsletter (my emphases):

I’ve been reading an article in the Telegraph (U.K.), called “Lockdown’s cancer bomb may soon be worse than Covid itself.”

You will recall that people did try to warn about this, only to be ridiculed or ignored.

Professor Karol Sikora, who has spent over 40 years in Britain’s National Health Service, describes the situation as very grim. “I can honestly say that the situation is more depressing than it has ever been,” he says. “I’m appalled by the spin and sheer refusal to accept how dire the situation is. Meaningless word salad, created by highly paid PR managers, is spouted out at the taxpayer’s expense simply to protect reputations rather than benefit patients.”

He explains that dealing with stage one cancer is much easier to handle and absorbs far fewer resources than stage three and four cancers. But because of the lockdowns, the “entire system is now clogged up with more advanced conditions, not just cancer, missed over the pandemic, leading to more delays and more suffering.”

This clogging, he adds, is “all a desperately predictable outcome to a pandemic response guided by opinion polling and incompetent modelling. The big unspoken truth in British politics is that an almost two-year long lockdown experiment was the greatest policy mistake in my lifetime.”

[I’ll add at this point: The polled opinions were crucially formed by media ventilating the “incompetent modelling” as the gospel truth, not distinguishing between dying “with” and “of” or “from” Covid, not questioning the validity of the PCR tests and suppressing any good news around the issue, such as alternative treatments that were working. And by people who did know better remaining silent. (PwG)]

This is reason #739 why we can’t just throw up our hands, say mistakes were made, and move on.

At the documentary screening last week that I’d been mentioning in this newsletter for some time, I met someone who said that her family, when she would mention one of the many outrageous lockdown crimes, responds with, “You’re still on this?”

Yes, you’re darn right we are.