The Covid Deception: The Dire Consequences of the Lack of Accountability

Only accountability can rescue freedom from tyranny.

Paul Craig Roberts summarises the current situation.

Excerpts (my emphases):

Reiner Fuellmich, who has been investigating together with thousands of attorneys and scientists assembled in the German Corona Investigative Committee the toxicity of the vaccine, has collected enormous evidence that the vaccine is toxic.  The puzzle has been why some suffered death or injury and others did not.  The answer is the inconsistency of the vaccine batches.  Experts, such as former Pfizer vice president and chief science officer Dr. Michael Yeadon and former head of the Health Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Dr. Wolfgang Wodran, have concluded that “criminal acts are being committed” and that “a big crime is so obvious.”

You can read the report here, I encourage you to do so.  I am now going to turn to its implications.

We know for a fact that the “Covid pandemic” was a fear-driven orchestration, and that no aspect of the treatment protocol was effective or made any sense.  The masks do not protect. The lockdowns did more harm than good. Human rights were violated by coerced mandated involuntary vaccinations with a substance untested and put into use under an emergency authorization that required that there were no known treatments or cures.

The emergency use requirement meant that known cures successfully used in other countries, such as Brazil and India, had to be denied and prohibited from use in the US and other parts of the Western world.  US public health authorities and the presstitutes lied through their teeth that Ivermectin and HCQ were dangerous and unapproved drugs.  Ivermectin was said to be a horse medicine dangerous to humans.  In actual fact both drugs had long been approved for human use and had many decades of use and perfect safety records.  Ivermectin is routinely taken as a preventative of river blindness in those parts of Africa where the parasite is prevalent, and HCQ has long been used as a preventative of malaria.


Remember also that hospitals were incentivized to maximize Covid deaths as they were paid some $39,000 for each Covid death.  Consequently, nearly all deaths were reported as Covid deaths, even motorcycle accidents, thus maximizing the reported Covid death rate and driving people to vaccination.  

Remember, the PCR test used to diagnose Covid was said by the test’s inventor to be incapable of diagnosing Covid.  The PCR test produced up to 97% false positives, thus immensely exaggerating the pandemic.

Remember too, that the original explanation for Covid was infected bat meat sold in a Chinese market.  We now know for a fact that Covid was an engineered virus and that the “gain-of-function” aspect, which made if contagious, was financed by NIH at the University of North Carolina and when criticism arose due to concerns it violated the Biowarfare Convention, the funding was moved to Wuhan in China.  Remember also, that initially DARPA was involved in the manufacture of the virus.

The new story is that the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab, but more alert people believe the Covid virus was intentionally released.

There are many independent scientists with no Big Pharma conflicts of interest who regard the “vaccine” as not only more deadly than Covid but also as a bioweapon.  Clearly, the fact now revealed that 5% of the doses account for the adverse effects implies motive and intention.  This must be investigated by independent scientists and organizations.  It is difficult to expect Congress, as dependent as its members are on Big Pharma campaign funds, and the regulatory public health agencies, FDA, NIH, CDC, agencies that are revolving door Big Pharma marketing agents, to honestly investigate the “Covid pandemic” and the toxic batches of the vaccine.

If there is no investigation and no accountability, you can expect worse orchestrated pandemics in the near future.  There are indications that the US has been experimenting with weaponizing ebola, and within the past two years I reported that vials of deadly smallpox had twice been discovered lying about on counters instead of being under lock and key.


Bioweapon research is Satanic and contrary to the Biowarfare Convention. That the US continues this illegal research is a danger to every American and to the entire world.  Moreover, it shows a reckless unconcern on the part of the US government and its scientists for law and life.  

Government agencies that operate secretly outside the law can lie forever to Congress and can invoke “national security,” a holy cow for Congress, and escape accountability.  We are currently watching the FBI and DOJ continue their protection of Joe and Hunter Biden while pursuing President Trump with false charges.  

Nuclear war is a real possibility.  The neoconservatives’ hostility toward all countries capable of serving as constraints on US unilateralism, together with the Kremlin’s endless tolerance of provocations, are leading to nuclear war.

We face equal risk of extermination from the US government’s weaponization of deadly viruses.  This work continues unobstructed and justified with every kind of false argument.  “Our enemies are doing it, so we must also in order to protect ourself.”  Or as Fauci, Gates, and others claim, we have to make deadly viruses in order to study them so we can be able to preempt them with vaccines.

These arguments are false.  Moreover, the consequences for humanity and all life of nuclear war and bioweapons are so horrific that it makes the pursuit of peace the ultimate of all goals.  But Washington is pursuing hegemony, which is a guarantee of war.

The danger of our situation cannot be exaggerated.  Only accountability for the orchestrated Covid pandemic can re-establish human life as more important than Big Pharma’s profits and rescue freedom from tyranny.