Numerous studies that show the vaccine does not stop Covid

And has caused injury and death to many

There are numerous studies that show the vaccine does not stop Covid and has caused injury and death to many.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 The president said that the vaccinated will not get Covid and won’t give it to others. Since then, the president has tested positive for Covid twice (same with Anthony Fauci). Later, it was said that people who took the jab may have a greater chance of contracting Covid. In a Texas prison, 70 percent of fully vaccinated prisoners caught Covid.

Found the above in an article by Fr. Irby C. Nichols under the title: “Pope Francis and the Covid Vaccine”, where he writes the intro:

The Covid vaccine was forced upon us based on false data and propagandistic lies. Sadly, one of the people who pushed it was Pope Francis.

He writes further:

Of all those who pushed the vaccine, the pope should have known better. He has advisors and physicians with access to libraries, the internet, and the media. 

So does the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who also pushed the vaccine using his clerical authority.

Public apologies should follow one of the Alcoholics Anonymous examples. The offender publicly states their offense, asks for forgiveness, and asks how they might set the matter straight. Nothing should be mentioned about who told what to whom or what the CDC said or what some doctor thinks. If you pushed a dangerous medical treatment, then you have some responsibility to those who suffered from following your advice. Pope Francis misused his position, gravitas, and moral authority to sell a false “act of love.” And as such, it is incumbent on the pope to set an example for all the powerful. Better stop, I have something in my eye!