Deconstructing Marianna in Conspiracyland – Introduction

“Conspiracyland” is a disinformation and propaganda campaign designed to mislead the BBC audience into accepting dictatorship

So says Ian Davis in this article.


Faced with the prospect of no one bothering to pay for their propagandists, so wedded is the government to ensuring that its BBC “programming” continues that it has frozen the current license fee for two years, in the hope of enticing people to stay, while it desperately tries to figure out how it is going to fund its State media operation.

Currently the proposed government solution looks likely to be a direct tax:

Our evidence was clear that some form of public funding for the BBC remains necessary. [. . .] A universal household levy linked to council tax bills is one option which could take greater account of people’s ability to pay. A ring-fenced income tax is another.

As the effectiveness of its threats and menaces wanes, it is clearly essential, from the government’s perspective, that all choice be removed. Taxation at source has the added advantage of stealing money from people who can’t abide the BBC and wouldn’t choose to support it if you paid them.

Update: Breitbart claims there was a host of disinformation in the first instalment of this program.