The Pandemic of Lies

Don’t Give Up Now. Truth Is Winning

Article by Dr. Joseph Mercola – mainly about a lecture by Del Bigtree.


The global cabal failed to achieve everything they’d hoped for because a “meaningful minority” refused to comply and refused to shut up. In fact, their plan backfired and now they realize the entire vaccine program is in jeopardy. Bigtree cites a recent poll that shows only 34% of adults in Iowa now believe there should be a mandated childhood vaccination program, down from 59% before COVID.

In addition to that, confidence in medicine, hospitals and medical expertise in general has dramatically eroded, as has trust in regulatory agencies and public health authorities.

“We have rocked Goliath on his heels,” Bigtree says. “Thirty percent of America [avoided the COVID shot], probably more — I think they’re fudging the numbers … Under the biggest blitzkrieg of propaganda, $10 billion-worth, buying every television channel 24 hours a day, they [still] couldn’t get anywhere near the 85 or 90%.

And … how many got it because they were doing it under duress? They thought they’d lose their job or couldn’t be with their family. They weren’t with the program. And now we’re seeing that, because the recent booster is only being used by 30% of those that are eligible for it, meaning 70% of the people that believed in this program are now turning on the CDC, the light is starting to appear on the horizon.

This is our time, this is what we dreamed about. But believe me, we have pissed them off. They are coming with everything they have. We need you to give everything you have now. I hope … you realize that going to sleep will most surely end in our demise. We are about to be imprisoned if we give up this fight now.

We’ve shown we can move hearts and minds. We’ve shown that we grow exponentially when we speak our truth. And we’ve shown that we are still the children of God and no [one] … is going to convince us otherwise. We are not machines. You’re not hacking into our bodies.

I assure you we are being led by something much bigger. We were born for this moment, this time. I really want you to stop complaining about the world that we live in. You chose to be a warrior in this time. We were chosen to be here at this time. The proverb, ‘May we live in interesting times,’ this is it.

This is a battle for humanity, and it’s in our hands. We’re not leaving it to our kids. It’s going to happen in our lifetime. We will see how this ends. It’s up to us. The history books are not filled with pages of stories of how we outnumbered them and it was an easy battle. Every page is insurmountable odds, courage and passion and belief … We are writing history right now together and it’s going to be magnificent.”