COVID, the untold story

Video interview with Dr. Campbell

Video (1 h 22 min) here.

From the description:

Have you ever felt the covid story did not entirely add up? [The book] “Expired” contains multiple eye-opening revelations about covid with compelling evidence that provides a coherent, sober and clear explanation that better fits the data we have so far.

Meticulous research by pathologist Dr Clare Craig sheds light on the largely overlooked evidence of airborne virus transmission, examining twelve related beliefs on spread, lockdowns, asymptomatic infections, and masks. In addition, Expired champions the importance of Western ethical principles, damaged by pandemic actions and calls for their restoration. The covid debate has proved incredibly polarising. One side believed every intervention was saving lives, while the other emphasised the harms caused.

Biased modelling based on a worst-case scenario led to fearful assumptions presented as fact. By dint of sheer repetition these ‘facts’ became unquestionable. Those scientists who dared to question were proclaimed dangerous. Welcome to Cloud-Covid-Land. Let’s bring back nuance. It’s time to return to reality.”