About New Zealand Whistleblower & The Damning NZ Vaccine Data

Jimmy Dore interviews Steve Kirsch (40 minutes)

Whistleblower to be arrested (5 minutes)

Here the whistleblower himself speaks (9 min)

How the NZ mainstream media reacts (2.32 min)

The Vigilant Fox has a substack summarizing the case so far.

Paul Craig Roberts has a take on it.

Four NZ doctors discuss the issue (18 min)

Tess Lawrie has some wise words to say (3 min), her text is below:

Events of the past week in relation to the New Zealand population data share have been confusing to say the least. With so much contradictory information and intrigue, people have been left wondering what to believe and who to trust.

How do we check and verify the integrity of these NZ data and, for that matter, of any other data and events occurring around the world in the name of health, freedom and sovereignty?

Just as we can be sure that academic science has been infiltrated and corrupted, one can be certain that truth and freedom movements have too.

With unprecedented excess deaths being recorded on official databases and witnessed by ordinary people in most countries, do these NZ data add to what we already know about the Covid vaccines? That they are harming and killing people worldwide?

No it doesn’t.

So the answer to the question, whom can we trust is simple. We must trust ourselves, we must trust our own intuition, and we must trust our own hearts.

The old world with its non-sensical, corrupt, and anti-human rules and regulations is crumbling fast. We are in the process of creating the new. A new healthy, sovereign and equitable world where we all have what we need to thrive is not for everyone, especially the minority interest groups that have captured our governments and are dead-set on owning us.

It has been said that civilisations progress through the following sequence:

‘From bondage to spiritual faith,

From spiritual faith to great courage,

From courage to liberty,

From liberty to abundance,

From abundance to complacency,

From complacency to apathy,

From apathy to dependence,

From dependence back into bondage.’**

We are at the end of this sequence. We are in bondage. A civilisation is on its way out, thrashing and destroying as it goes. So let’s be careful, let’s step back. Let it thrash and crumble, and let’s avoid getting caught in the rubble.

For we are all precious.

Every loving man, woman and child is needed for the better world we are creating afresh.

So let’s hold onto our loving kindness and compassion for one another, including for those who wish us harm, find that great courage and spiritual faith inside each and every one of us, and keep moving steadily in the direction of our liberty. Just like the sun rises every day, our freedom and a better world are assured.