Today’s Journalists Seek Power, Not Truth

Article by J.B. Shurk.


How do you destroy a free press?  Fill it with people who hate free speech, look down upon the poor and powerless, and believe that only their opinions matter.  Then pay them to repeat and defend everything that the “ruling class” brands as an “official truth.”  It’s amazing how fast public dissent dries up when you bribe the “journalists” and censor anyone who notices.

[Question: Who does the “filling”, and where do those “people who hate free speech” come from? The second question is easier to answer: From the schools and universities. The first question: Companies with monopoly power (only a few big media companies “call the shots”) tend to overprice and underdeliver . . .]

A couple decades ago, any reporter worth his salt would have laughed in the face of some nansy-pansy critic accusing him of “hate speech.”  The most well-respected reporters would have either hung the libelous dross on their cubicle walls as meritorious decoration or tossed it in the bin, doused it with file drawer whiskey, and lit the calumny on fire.  Today’s JournoList poseurs, in contrast, act as both wimpy self-flagellators denouncing their own “privilege” before the priests of the DEI Inquisition toss them on the sacrificial pyre and Salem witch trial accusers all too willing to point the finger at anyone who dares to question the latest “politically correct” fads and “woke” fashions.  Today’s “reporters” have so betrayed the basic principles of their own profession that they believe it is their deranged civic duty to tell everyone else what they may or may not think and say.