Christianity and Liberalism

Theologies for Life and Death

Article by “RT: Restoring Truth”.


A couple years ago, I stumbled upon a copy of J. Gresham Machen’s famous book, Christianity and Liberalism. The bold juxtaposition caught my eye, so I decided to read it. I was immediately hooked; its cogency and warmth are compelling enough, but considering that it was written 100 years ago, its timelessness is remarkable, too. It easily could have been written just last week.

Visit any mainline church, and you’ll likely encounter the same ear-tickling theology that Machen denounced in his book. Under venerable old steeples, liberal shepherds feed sanctified progressivism to their unsuspecting, but hungry, flock. Instead of feeding on biblical (and now offensive) truth, congregants in open and affirming churches can enjoy vague discussions of spirituality mixed with calls to woke repentance.

[. . .]

It’s well past time to reclaim the name of Christianity from the counterfeiters on the left—not for the sake of argument, but for the sake of souls who unknowingly trade in its false currency. Theological liberalism in all its fashionable forms—inclusive Christianity, interfaith unity, and progressive Christianity— is a road to perdition. Ultimately, what we believe about God and man is our theology of life, and eventually it will be our only comfort in death.