We need to talk about eco-terrorism

The anarchist terrorist who wanted to kill 50 politicians was also a fervent environmentalist. This matters.

Article by Fraser Myers.


Now, no one here is saying that Jacob Graham or any other terrorist’s murderous plotting was inspired by the speeches of Caroline Lucas or the columns of George Monbiot. Graham alone is responsible for his actions. And there is obviously a world of difference between advocating a political viewpoint (even a cranky one) and expressing a desire to carry out mass murders.

Nevertheless, it is hardly surprising that the green movement would give vent to such violent misanthropy. After all, even mainstream environmentalists like to damn human beings as a stain on Mother Earth. As a pox or a plague on the planet. As a foul, fallen creature that deserves to be punished.

Greenism is an ideology that is anti-human to its core. If it did not directly inspire Jacob Graham to hate his fellow man enough to learn to make a bomb, then at the very least it will have provided him with an ideological justification for his hatred. That alone ought to worry us, given how ‘respectable’ such views have now become.

The misanthropy of green thinking really needs to be challenged. Lives might well depend on it.