The COVID “vaccine” had no benefit

Zero. Zip. Nada.

Article by Steve Kirsch.


Official US government data, “gold standard data,” shows that the vaccine didn’t save any COVID lives at all. None. In fact, if anything, the data shows that the vaccine made you more likely to die from COVID. To the estimated 21 million people who were killed or seriously injured, you should know it was all for nothing.

[. . .]

In science, if you can’t explain a data point, you don’t just write it off. You have to explain it or at least publicly admit that your hypothesis could be wrong until you can explain it.

And this wasn’t cherry picked either. In the entire time I’ve been a “misinformation spreader,” I’ve only gotten one insider call from someone in a nursing home who would reveal the date that the vaccine was rolled out in her facility. One.

And even if I scoured all 15,000 nursing homes for a case like this, it still can’t happen because the probabilities are too small.

So I had two independent ways at looking at this data: the tip from the insider and the data reported to the government. Both aligned.

Does this deserve investigation?

Of course!

But there will be no investigations. Ever.

Because that’s the way science works nowaday [sic]. It’s all about ignoring all credible evidence that doesn’t support the narrative. And that should be troubling for everyone.