Covid measures are driving people towards God

In Austria, they are praying the Rosary for deliverance from their government

It’s not just intellectuals who, perceiving many Covid measures as evil, are (re-)discovering God (see here and here for examples).

At least in Austria, it is also “common people” who are starting to pray. That’s no surprise, as the Alpine country is the country furthest down the road towards tyranny and totalitarianism with regard to the Covid measures. It plans to impose a vaccine mandate for every adult from February this year, enforcement is to start in March.

The only mitigation from the government and the majority in parliament has been to exclude the 15-17-year-olds from this measure, who were originally included.

On the Lifesite News website there is an interview with one of the leaders of the protests, Alexander Tschugguel. The most amazing part of the interview begins about half-way in. Tschugguel reports that many are publicly praying the Rosary, and people are joining these groups who say they have never prayed before. These are grassroots Christians being joined by grassroots non-Christians. I cannot verify this but please judge for yourself when you watch the video whether this man is telling the truth.