Fourth Letter to My Vaccinated Friend

Article by James Kullander

It’s one thing that you got the jabs in the first place. It’s one thing if you’d been quiet about it. It’s one thing that you ignored my warnings about the health hazards of the jabs and about the sinister scheme to control and destroy humanity that’s been behind the entire injection campaign all along. But the main thing—the really big thing—is I still feel utterly bewildered by your jab-happy, proud, virtue-signaling collusion in this choreographed death march, which you’d joined right out of the gate with drum and fife and flag to show the world that you cared. You not only let it happen. You marched lockstep into the tyrannical maelstrom with self-righteous glee and a touch of cruelty for those of us who refused to turn our bodies over to the state to become guinea pigs in a vast and deadly experiment. How could you have been so misled?

Now open your eyes. Look around you. See what you’ve done? With your supposed compassion for your fellow man and imploring others to “do the right thing,” you and millions of others got suckered into participating with the dark forces that have ruined beyond comprehension so much of what’s precious and beautiful about life on Earth—free will, social connections, civil liberties, loving relationships, bodily autonomy, meaningful and rewarding work—on account of the lockdowns and fear-mongering predators ordering everyone to stay home, shut down our businesses, close our churches, shutter our schools, keep away from each other all the time. And get injected or else. The psychological and physical wounds are widespread, deep, and traumatic. And in many ways, especially with those of you who got the jabs, permanent. There’s no undoing what you’ve allowed to be done to you. The toxins in those jabs are there to stay.


I fear for your life. With so many unsuspecting jabbed victims of all ages dropping dead all over the world in streets, in offices, at home, on soccer fields and basketball courts, in hotels, in cars, I wonder if you, too, will be among them one day. There’s a little trick the unconscious mind sometimes plays. If we know someone we love is going to leave us, say a child going off to college or a spouse who’s decided to get a divorce, we can find ourselves either shutting down our emotions or picking a fight to dull the pain of being left. There are moments when I wonder if all the anger I’m harboring has something to do with me trying to dull the pain I’ll feel if you die from what you allowed to be injected into the blessed sanctuary that is your body.

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