Life through the lens of the vaccine-injured

Article by Caroline Pover


But it wasn’t those responses that baffled me – in their own ways, each of those people were looking for reasons and were trying to provide solutions.  

The responses that baffle me – and I still get them – are the ones like, ‘Oh, I’m triple jabbed and I’m fine.’ 


I am coming to the conclusion that we have lost our compassion, because our world is not comfortable with pain. 

Our world encourages us to hide our pain in alcohol, medication, food, work, sex, exercise, TV, social media, or whatever other distraction that will make somebody some money. Pain is expressed through anger, judgment, and accusations, or whatever other method that makes somebody feel in control. Or it is dealt with by shutting down and not expressing pain at all.  

And now the Covid world has pushed people into camps that do not allow space for anyone in pain. It doesn’t even allow you your own pain.  

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