New Insights into Covid

From two posts found today

‘Wuhan’s “Mystery Illness” is Covid’s Foundational Lie’ writes Kit Knightly. He adds:

The world has moved pretty quickly in the last three years, changed to the point of being almost unrecognisable, and if you want to understand how it all started you have to travel back in time. Past vaccines and ventilators. Past passports and PCRS. Past Pfizer and Fauci and flattened curves…back to the very beginning.

All the way back to Wuhan, China, December 2019. Where, we are told, one doctor saw four cases of stereotypical pneumonia and called it “mysterious”, and one virologist started looking for something he had no reason to think even existed, and just so happened to find it.

‘The Origins of Virus Panic and the Importance of Tuesday, 10 March 2020’ writes eugyppius. He adds:

One theory, would simply be that Tomas Pueyo’s posts resounded within the American national security establishment as much as they did in European governments, and convinced Trump that he had to “act now.” Birx, Pence, Kushner and the rest can’t agree on a story about why he changed his mind, because the truth – that he or his closest advisers were convinced by a sciencey viral blog post – is too ridiculous to admit.

Another theory – not necessarily mutually exclusive – would be that Pueyo’s work was brought to prominence via algorithmic manipulations, bots, influencer amplification, or other means, to support decisions which were taken in the days leading up to 10 March, and which were probably related in some way to the general Italian lockdown announced on that day.