Vax death count = COVID death count

according to latest Rasmussen Reports poll

Writes Steve Kirsch:

Why did the CDC never poll Americans as a “reality check” to make sure they got it right?

I’ve known the answer to that for a long time since I did polls of an unbiased audience long ago back on July 4, 2022. But of course nobody paid attention since I’m a “misinformation spreader.”

But now Rasmussen comes out with the most important poll they’ve ever done and the results are devastating.

Here is the Youtube video with the Rasmussen presentation.

Here is the same video on Rumble.

Underneath the Rumble video, a perceptive viewer commented:

Interesting to recognize that these results come from an environment where all authorities worked endlessly to make people believe that COVID was killing millions and were simultaneously working endlessly to make people believe that the injections were safe and effective.

Kirsch summarises:

The polls show that the one thing in this country that both Democrats and Republicans agree on is that the vaccines are as deadly as COVID. That’s stunning.

So will the mainstream media attack the poll? Or will they ignore it?